The Future of Shiba Inu Coin: 2023 Price Predictions and Why You Should Invest in It

May 05, Cryptocurrency exchange

The report came out on May 5th, 2021, claiming that SHIB was a much better investment than DOGE. The report cited several reasons, including SHIB’s faster block time, higher supply, and lower market cap. If you are considering investing in a Shiba Inu, you must consider many things. The most important thing to consider is your investment goals and whether a Shiba Inu will fit into those goals. You also need to consider your risk tolerance and whether you are willing to invest in a Shiba Inu.

However, one cannot disregard the fact that along with DOGE, SHIB has been responsible for a flood of meme-coins in the cryptocurrency market such as Bit Shiba, King Shiba and Baby Doge. Report, whales at one point of time held $1 billion worth of SHIB coins. However, they keep selling and burning the currency from time to time, and now they hold barely a fraction of that amount. But as these memecoins got popular, they didn’t go in the direction of developing use cases of the currency. That wasn’t the intention either, neither did the community expect such a popularity in the growth of memecoins.

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Rising wedges are bearish reversal patterns showing the price rising inside two converging, ascending trendlines. They resolve after the price breaks below the lower trendline and falls by as much as the wedge’s maximum height. News of the coin being added to Robinhood helped boost the price of the coin. A Shiba-Inu based NFT project called Shiboshis launched in November 2021.

Why Was Shiba Inu Called the Dogecoin Killer?

Another factor that may support the cryptocurrency industry is the increasing regulation of cryptocurrencies as a digital payment method. The upward surge of the SHIBA INU coin has been attributed to the positive economic climate, which instilled optimism in investors and encouraged them to invest in the crypto market. Furthermore, these macroeconomic conditions also played a significant role in the success of this digital asset. Albert Brown is a cryptocurrency investor and journalist who has been in the nascent space since 2017. His love and passion for technological innovations made him delve deeper into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a journalist, Brown has written on several crypto-related topics that have been referenced by popular industry players like Tyler Winklevoss, Binance CZ, etc.

Additionally, the ‘Dogecoin killer’ uses a proof-of-work consensus mechanism but will later change to proof-of-stake. This brings a reduction in mining; causing an improvement in energy efficiency. For instance, the coin can be a payment method at a restaurant in Paris (c’est genial). Additionally, the cryptocurrency raises funds to save Shiba Inu dogs through its collaboration with the Shiba Inu Rescue Association. A closer look at the receiving wallet reveals that the large Shiba Inu trove was sent to a Gnosis Safe smart contract, according to blockchain-tracker Etherscan.

shiba inu news

The Shiba Inu ecosystem is an open-source ecosystem of decentralized applications , protocols, and platforms that enable the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. SHIB is an ERC-20 token created as a parody of the popular cryptocurrency, Dogecoin . The Shiba Inu token purchases goods and services within the ecosystem. Brokerage services for alternative assets available on Public are offered by Dalmore Group, LLC (“Dalmore”), member of FINRA & SIPC. “Alternative assets,” as the term is used at Public, are equity securities that have been issued pursuant to Regulation A of the Securities Act of (“Regulation A”). These investments are speculative, involve substantial risks , and are not FDIC or SIPC insured.

Shiba Inu FAQs

In other positive news, the entire Shiba Inu network has reached a major milestone. The total number of unique addresses containing assets in the network has increased to over 1.3 million. Over 25,000 new addresses have been added since the beginning of the year. CMC also reveals that the 10 largest addresses hold 60% of the asset’s total supply, with the top 100 addresses currently holding over 80% of the total supply.

The recent takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk could prove to be a boon for Shiba Inu and other memecoins. Given Musk’s interest, it is highly likely that the social media platform is going to be more crypto-centric. The trajectory of Shiba Inu is similar to that of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a significant factor that affects the price movement of Shiba Inu. Investors seeking to join the joke have increased the popularity of memecoins, which are not supposed to be taken seriously. Learn more about Consensus 2023, CoinDesk’s longest-running and most influential event that brings together all sides of crypto, blockchain and Web3.

shiba inu news

Any third-party hyperlinks and banners don’t constitute an endorsement, guarantee, endorsement, warranty, or recommendation by BeInCrypto. Do Your Own Research before using any third-party services or considering any financial action. Despite continuously being compared to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu has evolved into something unique. Investing might result in promising results, while also helping real Shiba Inu dogs.

The platform also supports the Shiba Inu Incubator, facilitating a large group of creative digital artists who bring forth an experience of what feels like a decentralized movement. The NFT project gives support to artists in the creation, exhibition, promotion and auction of their artworks, besides providing them with other streams of income. Soon, the memecoin will migrate to layer-2 following the Shibarium update. The game’s content and technical documents will be available in both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese and is specifically targeted towards the Chinese gaming market, developers added. They are now holding a collective $714,720,760 worth of SHIB, which is 77.88% of their comprised portfolio, according to WhaleStats on-chain data platform. Already on Monday, 22.3 million SHIB were destroyed forever in three transactions.

In fact, many investors have become millionaires by investing in this meme coin. F users burn enough tokens, a cryptocurrency’s acceptance is bound to increase. That being said, the meme coin must cultivate a host of different use cases too.

The 2 Best Crypto Presales In 2023

Avalanche and Shiba Inu are in the top 20 biggest coins in CoinMarketCap. SHIB price is still in the danger zone against the U.S. dollar, despite not being as “overbought” as DOGE. Traders are piling into BONK, boosting its price by triple-digits in the last 24 hours and possibly hinting at a trend reversal in Solana price. The owner of the crypto-themed home has dropped its price by over 20% in a few months as they struggle to sell the house. Shiba Inu traders are in FOMO mode with the Shibarium launch, but it might not be the best time to buy SHIB.

  • It is wise that an investor conducts their own research before investing in a cryptocurrency, especially in something as volatile as SHIB.
  • The market capitalization of the memecoin rose from $6.3 billion to $6.9 billion over the last seven days, before reaching $7,647,777,419 yesterday.
  • The upcoming Ethereum 2.0 transition will also certainly impact the growth of the currency.
  • Soon, the memecoin will migrate to layer-2 following the Shibarium update.
  • The most important thing to consider is your investment goals and whether a Shiba Inu will fit into those goals.

Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision. Not all cryptocurrencies appreciate this much in value and most don’t have high trading volumes when they are initially offered, making this hypothetical investment unlikely to happen to most. The coin has quickly gained a following and is now one of the 15 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. As a meme token, the value of SHIB is really driven by how bullish Shiba Inu community is at a given point in time. Took to Twitter to ask whether the community desired the memecoin to collaborate with the World Economic Forum on Metaverse global policy.

The Future of Shiba Inu Coin

He had earlier donated SHIB tokens worth $1 billion to a COVID-19 relief fund for India, CryptoRelief. He said that this was the only way he could avoid his transactions in Shiba Inu being read as actions. Tamadoge appears to be a great altcoin for cryptocurrency gamers, as it plans to release a mobile app, as well as arcade and augmented reality games, in 2023. The Meta Masters Guild presale has already exceeded $2.9 million and has five more days before the token price goes up to $0.021. Since its launch on January 11, the sale has averaged around $110,000 per day.

Users of Avalanche can publish news and questions on Reddit, and others can respond to those queries and answers. These altcoins are carving out gains as Bitcoin price continues to trade within a tightening range. DOGE has performed much better than SHIB this year, despite the Shiba Inu community actively working on an L2 network, a metaverse and blockchain games.

Additionally, gamers are responsible for taking care of enhancing their NFT-based Tamadoges with supplies found in the Tamadog shop. With its crypto-friendly legislation and infrastructure, London is the world’s most cryptocurrency-ready city for corporations and start-ups, making it an ideal place for the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies. Eight major data variables were analyzed, and the results showed that London is the most prepared city for businesses and start-ups to accept cryptocurrency. However, the upcoming dovish central bank policies may lead to the start of the next cryptocurrency bull run as early as the second quarter of this year.

Tesla Still Holds 9,700 Bitcoin on the Anniversary of Elon Musk’s Announcement

Most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Solana, and Polygon opened with value dips on Wednesday, January 25. Bitcoin and Ether, along with stablecoins such as Tether, USD Coin, Ripple, and Binance USD opened with small profits on Wednesday, February 1. Shiba Inu is a DeFi meme coin that’s currently the second biggest meme coin in CoinMarketCap, just under Dogecoin .

In the last 24 hours, the overall crypto market cap upped by 1.33 percent. A mysterious crypto whale is suddenly shifting trillions of Shiba Inu tokens as the top meme coin witnesses explosive price action over the past day. The update will allow users to move assets with minor gas fees, facilitating micro transactions over Shiba Inu-based dApps. The team has deployed a host of new and innovative developers to build the UX/UI of its platform and web portals as a part of the same process. The post also informed that the developers are yet to determine the launch date of its beta version. In this article, we’ll look at what factors influence Shiba Inu’s price and make predictions on its future value.

Formerly only available on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Shiba Inu has been added to several major cryptocurrency platforms including Coinbase, Kraken and Robinhood. Days ago, crypto exchange Bitget announced the listing of Bone ShibaSwap , the token that will be used for gas fees on Shibarium. As far as meme tokens are concerned, Shiba Inu’s relative outperformance this year is notable. How the upcoming Ethereum Merge affects the growth of Shiba Inu coins is also to be observed.

The first major release of Valhalla with Open World went live in the fourth quarter of 2022. Once launched, users on the mainnet version would have to hold a certain amount of FLOKI in their wallet to make a character playable. TAMA tokens surged almost 2,000% from their presale price after debuting in late 2022, solidifying itself as one of the top 10 memes by trading volume. Investors have the option of collecting and breeding their Tamadoge pets within the Tamaverse using TAMA tokens.